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嘿,我是CrazyCodeBoy,Android&iOS架构师 & 技术经理 & 移动端负责人 ,CSDN 博客专家。

做过ASP.NET、前端、Java、Android、iOS开发。享受编程、热爱开源、酷爱分享。平时除了写写博客外,也开源些技术干货 · Github

Enjoy coding,
Enjoy life.

Hi, I am CrazyCodeBoy,you can call me Cboy. Android & iOS Architect & Technical Manager & Leader mobile end, CSDN blog expert.

Has done ASP.NET, front-end, Java, Android, iOS development. Enjoy programming, open source love, love to share. Usually in addition to writing a blog, but also some open source technology dry · Github.