GitHub most popular repositories viewer with React Native

Posted by CrazyCodeBoy on October 20, 2016

GitHub Popular

This is a GitHub most popular repositories viewer with React Native.



  • Supports subscription to more than 50 programming languages;
  • Support for adding / deleting programming languages and support for customizing their sorting;
  • Support favorite projects;
  • Support multiple color themes to switch freely;
  • Support search, and self-sustaining custom subscription keywords;
  • Support to share, easy to share their favorite projects to friends;


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GitHub Popular

GitHub Popular

GitHub Popular

Running and debugging

  1. Prepare your environment: Requirements
  2. Clone GitHubPopular, and goto the project root directory.
  3. run npm i.
  4. run react-native run-ios or react-native run-android.
  5. Yeah. You make it.


V2.0 planning

  • Sliding hide NavBar
  • Text support large, medium and small
  • Support night mode
  • Use Redux
  • i18 internationalization